Everybody is unique with their own particular needs;

there's no one story that fits all!


We’ll create a wig story that’s unique to you and your needs - together.

CHAPTER ONE: THE wig salon on wheels

I bring a wide variety of wigs to your appointment for you to choose from. These vary in colour, style, and length. I am a wig salon on wheels, making everything easy for you! I bring you everything right to your door...wigs, shampoos, accessories....all you could possibly need.

Whether you have limited funds, if you are using insurance coverage or you simply want to splurge on yourself and get another hairstyle, you can select from wigs that will suit your style and your budget.

CHAPTER TWO: A personal wig consultant

I help people by bringing my wig service to your home, but there's much more to it than that.

It’s about getting to know you, what makes you happy, relaxed, but most of all, feel good about yourself. Do you want to try on blonde, brunette or how about some reds? All three? Well sure, of course you can, and off we go! The beauty of my service is that the complimentary appointment is as long as you need, and there is no restriction to the amount of wigs you try on. Choosing a wig is meant to be fun!



Everybody’s story has to start at the beginning and sometimes that first step is extremely hard to take. Take a little comfort from the fact that you are not alone and there are others in the exact same situation. I have visited many who have been unable to leave their houses for months due to hair loss. There is never any judgment and I have done many appointments after having whipped my wig off so that we are both “equal”.

So take the first step to your wig story and contact Julie.


Discover your wig story with loved ones…


Friends of Wig Stories

I don’t think of people as new clients, I think of them as friends. I’ve helped friends of various ages, from all walks of life and can say based on experience that there are no two stories alike. Your wig story will be unique to you. Period. Understanding the process is good, but to make things a little more “real” and to help to you start to visualize your journey, I’ve shared the wig stories of three different women with whom I’ve had the privilege to help with my services.



The busy working mom


Julie said it was fine to include my children and husband, so we all chose my new hair together! I was nervous at first, but after the first couple of wigs I started to relax and enjoyed trying on different looks. I felt good that I was able to include my children with me. They helped keep me strong and it was so nice to have their opinion. I can’t imagine a different way to get a wig.


The retired school teacher


I’m ashamed to say that I had got to the point where I was a virtual prisoner in my own home because I was so uncomfortable about my thinning hair. But Julie straight away put me at ease, took the time to listen and get to know me, and was so friendly and understanding. I was very worried about my grandchildren’s potential reaction to my wig, but we talked about that too. She never looked at the time, I felt very relaxed. I only wish I had done this sooner!


the social butterfly


“I’m too young to have cancer” was my first thought, closely followed by fear and then absolute horror of the thought of losing my hair. I didn’t want to go around bald. My mom heard of Julie through a friend, so I had her over along with my parents and my best friends. It turned into a fun event while trying on many wigs, until I found the one that looked and felt exactly like “me”. What I had thought would be traumatic ended up being a great time! I’m so glad I did this in my home with the important people in my life giving me their help.


Maybe there is no wig in your wig story!

and that’s ok too…discover your story don’t live someone else’s!