Julie Booker


I truly believe that the reason I had cancer is so that I can help people during their own journey. My experience with cancer and hair loss unleashed an enormous passion inside of me that I had no idea was lurking there all of the time. Having so many close members of my own family affected by this disease, and seen so many people traumatized with loss of hair and identity, my passion just continues to grow.


Julie Booker


I’ve see it from both sides…as a child I watched my mother lose her hair from chemo and then as an adult with four young children I lost my own hair with chemo. The emotions of both situations are complex and I can help you with that. I understand.

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Julie Booker

I’m still me!

Throughout every situation, whether it be cancer, alopecia, thinning hair, gender transition….whatever you are facing….hair does not define who you are. YOU are who you are on the inside, your soul, your heart, your spirit. That’s why I say “I’m Still Me"!”

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